Ribbon Storage Rack Organizer Holder

TRIPLE SHELF DESIGN HOLDS 80+ spools of 2-1/2" to 4-1/4" diameter spools

UNIQUE DESIGN! .....Easy load!..... Wall Mountable..... Now Stackable!


Finally the best way for holding all those ribbons


   It can be wall mounted with pre-drilled holes on the back brace (16" apart) or placed on a desk or counter.

table top wall mtd

There are many ribbon holders on eBay to choose from.  None can compare with the features that we can offer.  Unlike other ribbon holders, our Ribbon Organizer does more than just hold ribbons.  The Ribbon Organizer was engineered to save you time and frustration of having ribbon uncontrollably unwind itself on those old fashion dowel type organizers.

The key advantages of our holder are:

            *Ribbons can be loaded and unloaded quickly.  One Ribbon Spool can be removed without removing any of the others.

changing spoolscutting

*Fast Cutting.   

            Select the Ribbon you want, pull out the amount you need and cut! 

The left over Ribbon on the spool stays in place and ready for the next cut.

            *Elastic bands keep ribbons secure and prevent ribbons from unraveling. 

The nuisance of taping or pinning each ribbon is over with the Ribbon Organizer.

*It is light weight...easy to carry even loaded!

3 shelf carry

*Includes a measuring tape  .......(Scissors NOT included)      

          close up tapeclose up scissors           

                        When one ribbon runs out, you do not have to remove the whole shelf to change just one ribbon. 

It saves time and frustration, isn’t that what an organizer is for?

Putting ribbon spools on a dowel or wooden rod is technology from over 50 years ago. 

Ever wonder how you get an empty spool off those dowel designs?

In most cases, you have to take anywhere from half to all of the spools off to replace just one.

key advantages

NOTE:  Ribbon and scissors are NOT included! .....We are proud to say this Ribbon Holder was designed and built in the U.S.A. 

Available in:

Single Shelf..........Triple Shelf .........Five Shelf..........Large Spool

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